Recovering a corrupted save?

I’ve just had a power cut and completely lost my Lv 60 Moze build.

I’d spent days in this, farmed some perfect gear and almost had it ready for takedowns and now it’s gone.

Is there any way of salvaging my save?

Possibly, depending on how you have your PC set up. Did you have platform cloud sync enabled (Epic or Steam)? Did you have Windows incremental backups enabled? If no to either of those, you can check your save files folder for a *.tmp version of your last *.sav file for the character you were playing. You can try renaming that to roll back to where you were the last time the game made a local backup.

Theres a tmp file of my save but I’m not sure how to convert that to .sav

IIRC it has a name something like 001.sav.tmp? You’d just need to Rename and strip off the .tmp. You might want to make a copy of it and the corresponding save file somewhere else just in case - that way, you can always revert if it doesn’t work out.

If you’re not sure how to rename a file on Win10, there should be plenty of on-line help sites for that.