Recovering a 'lost' game save file (360)

(Sorry in advance for my idiocy).

For some reason my op8 Zero save file is gone from the load menu. When looking through the hard drive, there is a back up file listed. Does anyone know how I can get this file back to the menu in game? On 360… still.


Unfortunately, the backup can’t replace a save file that has been deleted; it’s only there if the main save file gets corrupted as a last-resort. Sorry, but you’re pretty much out of luck unless you had a second copy of the main save on another disk or USB stick.

Thanks. I don’t know what the heck I did. Got 20ish characters, didn’t think I’d ever deleted any, but the file has vanished. Damn, now I have to get another Z to op8 & farm some more snipers (sarc).