Recruiting all-adult elite team for pvp wreckage & advanced pve

heyo! my name is pound. im 32 and i live with two disabilities. since im always home, i play a whole lot. this post may get a little long, and my recruiting will be exclusive, so please, serious inquiries only (for the sake of both our time). im looking for fun and chill PEOPLE who are serious GAMERS.

anyway, i have led a clan/group/team in every game i have played, and i have built lasting friendships doing so. we always have fun and love to mess around, but we are serious gamers who play on a different level. the people im looking for are people that hop on their xbox any chance they get. members of this team should play daily, unless they have a reason not to, of course. im not going to yell at anyone for having something to do, but i dont keep inactive members on the team. i could get into all the reasons for that, but, it would be too time consuming. just trust that my in depth experience has proven that regular participation is one of the primary keys to success.

people that inquire should: be 24+, play battleborn daily (again, unless something comes up), have a good sense of humor and foul mouth (teehee), be good at battleborn pvp, have experience and success with some of the advanced missions in battleborn. i also have a discord chat server, and members will be expected to use the app to communicate with the team regularly.

please note that we all have personalities, and i do do build teams around that. its important for us to click. this is still very much about fun and friends. we just also happen to be serious/advanced gamers who like to master games.

playing casually is great, and i love to join casual players sometimes, but thats not the purpose of this team. we are going to conquer the game together.

well, im going to stop here, though i could go on, because this is getting incredibly long. oh yeah, im located in texas, and our team will be limited to those living in north america (for connection purposes).

the best way to reach me is on xbone or by replying to this post. you can send me a msg any time. my gt is poundypoo. ill be checking for replies to this post frequently as well.

i really hope to get this team up and running quickly. i know this team will see great success, just like my other teams have. thanks for reading!

edit: if you are interested, please message leave a reply, but also, when you will be available to play for a while, message me on xbone. i cannot keep up with all the adds im getting and people looking for invites, so i will only be inviting people who are interested in the elite team when they message me. please have a bit of availability when you message me to play the first time, as i might not be able to get to you instantly. MAKE SURE you mention the elite team in the message or i will think you are someone regarding something else, and i wont invite you. thanks.

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Hey Pound. I’m interested in joining a dedicated team for this game. I play almost everyday for at least a few hours. Currently I’m looking to furthery knowledge of the game and learn every character. I would like to take this gsme seriously when playing pvp and advanced. I’m 27 and have been gaming almosty whole life.

I’m at work but will add you and send you a message when I get home today. My GT: Koopahtroopa

Hey pound, im 26 play everyday after work and at weekends. I want to master every character and i would like to be part of a kickass crew for pvp. Only problem i dont live in north america. Sorry if you think this wasted your time.

What’s your timezone? I’m Central. So it’s 10:25 am where I’m at right now.

okay, sounds great!

no, its never a waste of time. where do you live?

central as well

Sign me up and il join for group pvp. I do have a life and a full time job but I play everyday but mostly weekends.

GT: Vomix Lee

yeah, just about everyone has a life. thats allowed. we will play together and see how it goes. one thing, though. this is a pvp and pve group.

All good, I still want to beat story mode on advanced then hardcore for achievements and such but multiplayer is always fun.

yeah, the we arent going to replay the story over and over once we get the achievements. we will primarily be in pvp, especially once we have completed the advanced challenges.

I live in the uk, England

ok. when are you usually on? i believe the evening here, which is often when the team will be together, is pretty late for you.

What time is it there now

11:42 am

Its 17.43 here but im usually on pretty pate at the weekends

the only problem with that is, the weekend is only 2/7 days that we will play each week.


Hey there! I’m also looking for a serious group of people to play with. I play as much as I possibly can, usually before and after work! Casual gameplay is great, but I won’t lie, I do enjoy winning and can be very competitive. My GT is Cassalea so feel free to add me!

i gotchu