Recruiting for Rapture Gaming Community!

Recruiting for Rapture Gaming Community

We are a friendly community on xbox and pc we support many games including Destiny 2,Division 2,CoD,Battlefield,Borderlands 3, and many others we currently have 8,566 members on a forum driven website which is where we organise everything like Game Nights and split each game into its own section (battalions) then each game has its own space (Companys) which break down into (platoons) we use a military rank structure where we have memebrs look after certian areas and we all work together making sure our community is running well and everyone is enjoying themselfs.

If you are intrested in joining us please follow this link and sign up +17 age

I do love a good communiniy

its great having people there each day and a place to post :smiley:

We’re still recruiting if anyone wants people to play with