Recruiting Members to form a team for Battleborn! Ps4

Looking for competitive players that are Active, Mature, Communicate, and are capable of playing specific characters for making specific team comps, and that can accept criticism when given, but no worries you could provide it back and we shall all learn from them. :slight_smile:

My Psn is Pureray- if you’re interesting in participating in a tryout or just reply below.

Im interested, same name, Avelier.

Im just tired of playing with randoms who dont play team :frowning:

Ive been mostly using Alani lately, but Im great with Ambra too

Amen I would love to find some people to play with regularly. PSN is Mavelost3

PSN: Vinxxs

Im interested. Don’t like doing pvp with no communication. PSN: Darkjohn333

Psn Lleed hate random would love to be in a team

PSN: Vikingar

Glad to find some competitive players!

Awesome, I’m interested. I generally stick to Caldarius and Orendi, so if you’re in need of a skirmisher for your team, I might be your guy.

PSN: AlmightyAcorn

I’m down. joey-kicks-ass_7 I’mean not great but I usually run with Caldarius or Rath.

Nuffsi on psn
Have masterd Buldor, Orendi, Ghalt.
Almost master with OM, Melka, Rath, Attikus
I play alot. A bit too much :wink: