Recruiting New EU Clan - Casual and Competitive

Hi, my name is Saul and I’m looking at creating a competitive clan for Battleborn on the Xbox One. I’m going to be saying about what I’m looking for in clan members and what I want and then some plans I have for the clan. I shall not be playing but will be more of a manager.

I am looking for players who are versatile and am looking for 10 members, this would be 2 players for each role. This would be so we could see which players work best together and allows for a lot of practice as we’d be able to do 5v5’s just as a clan for training. I would like members who can play multiple characters.

I am looking for members who are from the EU as that is where the clan will be based and what tournaments we will be competing in. I am looking for members who will be dedicated and are willing to work as a team and grow. Members would need to be able to train at least 3 days a week but it may eventually grow to 5 if we are successful.

I would also prefer it if members had a YouTube or Twitch channel, although it’s okay if not.

Since the clan is not set up yet I am going to be telling you about the plans since I have nothing to show you what we have set up.

For the team I plan for us not to compete for around a month and just get to know each other and how each other plays. Since the team is made up of people who haven’t played together before we won’t have any team synergy, that’s why we’re not best competing straight away.

After we start playing well together and feel ready to compete, we will enter free tournaments If we do well on that we will move to tournaments which have prizes.

Around late June/early July I plan on making the team official, with the team registered as an organisation. I will also look for us some small sponsors and set up a website. I will also set up a team YouTube and Twitch, members can decide if they want to participate in any of those and just have their own if they wanted to.

Once all of that is set up I plan to make contracts for players so that they can be earning money on a monthly basis, this would mainly be about your team duties and what you earn from the team sponsorship.

I know that this will be a hard task but I have faith that we can do it.

If you need any more information or have any questions, please respond to the thread or email me at the current team email, email would be preferable, and if you do email please put your gamer tag, role and character preferred to play.

I hope you consider joining the team

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All right this sounds like a good idea and I am up for it.
I will send you a e-mail with details

I am also making the clan casual too so if anyone doesn’t want to do competitive or don’t think they are good enough.

I don’t mind which you do and you can do both if you want.

I’m interested - though I lack experience in these style games !

Xbox one tag is - PKB Belloz

im interested
GT: Tim JC Estrello