Recurring Prefix on Grenade Mods?

hey, just a little question, what does the “Recuring” mod do on the grenade ?

It’s basically a double Mirv Hex

ah okay, can you make a screenshot from such a grenade for better understanding how the mods work together :slight_smile: ?

There you go bud :slight_smile: Hex

ah, i also saw some hex with 6 MIRV grenades, do you know if its possible to get such one together with the splits mod? or at least the triple split like this together with mirv ?Mitosis%20Hex%203

ah nvm, :smiley: i just see the different mods like “divider” and “mirv”… never looked at them xD

i do not know which one is best tbh between those 2 but personally i prefer the recurring :slight_smile:

does the recurving spawn mirv and than split into two and spawn additional mirv for each of them, so 9 mirv alltogether ? or just after the split for 6 mirv ?

the two splits into 3 each and then splits again

alright, thank you very much for your help sir :slight_smile:

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Someone dropped this in the proving grounds. Looks too good to be true.

Talk about throwing everything and the Kitchen sink into a modded Grenade. Jesus.