Recursion and Moze.....Blast Master or Green Monster

I messed around a bit with a Recursion and using some guidance I picked up on the forum like this from @kabflash [BUILD] Recursion Moze casual mobbing (M4)

Damn thing was like easy street on the takedown till you get to Wotan which requires a different weapon for the most part.

But I was using a Blast Master and wondered if there might be even more benefits to it from a Green Monster?

I am using a Radiation X2 version of the Recursion with a 50% Shock ASE
Cloning Maddening Tracker with a 50% Fire ASE
Front Loader with a 50% Corrosive ASE

I know we are all “Lob Crazy” right now but am wondering how you guys would make this work even better??

Blast Master has
Grenade Damage
Splash Damage
Splash Damage Radius
+3 PtHP
+1 Redistribution
+1 Vampyr

The Green Monster I was thinking about has
Splash Damage
Shotgun Damage
Maliwan Weapon Damage
+2 Iron Bank
+3 Scorching RPMs

Build with the green Monster something like this:

If you can hold the trigger on the Recursion and never let off it and maintain that, then yes GM would be better. Otherwise, I would stick to the BM.

The passives on that Green Monster are very nice though :smiley:


Redistribution is just sooo good and without it Trigger Spamming becomes a little untenable without massive investment in the Green Tree.

Dank, I never tested this because I don’t run out of ammo (or…fire my guns ever, apparently) but if you were holding the trigger on a gun, completely completely out of ammo, and just regening the mag…could GM keep up?

Like, if you ran your zero rockets Ion Cannon build, but did zero shotgun ammo Recursion.


Not sure but I can try later.

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Hmm that’s an interesting question. You mean 0/0 ammo? One problem would be, that reserve isn’t going to stay empty for more than 10 seconds. Not sure if that matters.

Second problem is, can you hold a trigger down on automatics and it will just cancel the reload/not allow the animation to start or will it do the animation forcing you to reload cancel by taking removing your finger from the trigger?

Ps I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to green monster fiddling, so I don’t precisely know the rules.

Basically, Dank keeps a two mag anointment slash Blast Master no Reload state on Ion Cannons by running them at 0/0 and letting regen handle the ammo.

The Recursion has a weird firing habit where it will kinda just charge up if there’s ammo, right? So theoretically, if you can maintain a 0 state, the gun can’t reload, and you’d be able to rely on MoD to give you ammo to fire while never triggering a Reset on GM.



Ahh ok that’s what I was missing.

So, glaring issue will be ammo pick ups?

That’s a really interesting idea, I’m itching to try it. Since you explained GM to me I’ve been thinking of what ways to use it apart from a grenade/IB only usage. Biggest issue with GM is it takes a point away in redistribution, and if you want to get it back by taking forge, you lose out on short fuse. So that leaves really high mag weapons that are able to never run out through a single redistribution point and MoD, right?

Glaring issue will be that Recursion resets GM every shot.

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Why would that be? Since you can hold down the trigger with recursion.

Wish I knew. I only just tested it. Probably treats each charge as a new trigger pull.


Sorry I am not familiar with the recursion at all, which is a no no these days. Also I’m not too into the 0 ammo builds so I’m out of my element here.

I would’ve thought ammo pick ups would make reload cancels really hard with anything but launchers. I’ll have to wait and see what Kabs says after trying it out to get it haha.

Well, it’s literally not worth trying because the Recursion was probably the only gun worth trying this idea on, and it doesn’t work on it at all due to a weird quirk in the triggering. C’est la vie.

Sneaky! It’s really tough to figure because I run a 5 RPM com and that means my firerate is BUSTED. There’s really not much in the game that would work the way you’d want here without forge. unless you had insanely reliable mod procs. It’s always worth experimenting though.

No dice. Even if you can get it to work the way I mentioned, that first fire post ammo Regen retriggers.

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Yea it’s tough for sure. The only thing that came to mind right away was the Ogre, but you’d have to forgo bonus SRPM points for Iron Bank. But with enough mag% you should be able to fire indefinitely. I guess whether that is a fun way to play is another question lol.

Rumor is the Ogre is up for one of the next buffs…but that’s just from a Youtuber…

Would be nice…I actually kinda like it and yes you can just hold the Trigger down without getting real deep in the Green Tree…

But this is with a Blast Master and 2/1 Redistribution. I’m thinking you’d have to have an Artifact + Matched Set + Iron Bank with a Green Monster

Would be interesting if the Ogre gets buffed next. While it’s certainly not the best, there are a lot of worse guns.

And yea with that set of mag buffs a x1 Ogre should be able to fire indefinitely.

I have a Green Monster with +5 in Iron Bank…Perks are average though darn it…

Go with the GM — the corrosive damage causes an extra projectile to spawn when you hit a target and this cascades with each target hit. This effect can get downright insane sometimes.

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Dammit just saw this. I just posted a pure maliwan build using recursion. Had this build for a month and didnt know anyone else was using it cept one old post i found. As far as wotans double shield phase you can use Hammerdown Protocol if you want to play it safe. Treat it like a nukem and hit the top of him. Otherwise try to get a recharger shield with adaptive. Something with movement speed as well. Good Luck and hope it helps

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