Recursion FAILING

I hate to bring this up, blathering about one of the best guns but I have to. In nearly every multiplayer game im in my recursion either doesn’t reload or simply refuses to. Worse still it doesn’t register hit when the target is clearly hit. This is the worst case when I get downed and have 5 easily killable enemies that should provide a second wind. Nope…They nerfed an obviously op gun which is fine, but now it seriously glitches. Hey theres plenty of enemies to ricochet of of…nope it won’t register hits. Like when your gun doesn’t reload? push the reload button and watch the gun shake and do nothing… So GD frustrating

The reload issue gets me in co op. Im UK playing with USA. Im sure it’s a lag glitch rather than coding.

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Thanks, it is lag sometimes, but others my gun just refuses to reload. Plus the projectiles that seem to hit do no dmg

lol, yes. i look like a noob sometimes when i unload my maggie or redistributor in someones face and dont hit a single shot!

I’ve had this happen in solo with different guns. I don’t recall if I figured out why. Been taking a break from this game for a bit.

Both of these are issues with multiplayer that happen regardless of your gun.
They nerfed the recursion? It still feels broken to me.

I think it happens when you keep mashing the key at the end of a frame so the the cut frame stops the reload process while it is syncing with host, you literally have to stop pushing the button, wait a second then push reload again. I do think the reason you see it more with the Recursion is the lag it can create in game, especially if everyone is using something similar.

That is the best explanation I can come up with.

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Thanks! Could be. Normally it happens when I hold down the fire key. At times though it just sticks and I have to cycle through the weapons to have the reload work. In tight fights this is a major bummer

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The only issue I have with the recursion is the fact that projectiles don’t ricochet off of shielded commandos. It’s definitely annoying when the game spams them in certain areas. But the gun was overpowered anyway. So it’s a wash, I guess.