Recursion with 125% Splash

I did a search and read a few posts about this, but found nothing about the Recursion…

I have a Recursion anointed with 125% Splash. I’m not really certain how this works. I have one with 100% ASE as well. From one of the other posts, it just seems like it does and extra 25% damage… anyone know if this is true?

Would using the Splash damage one be better than the 100% ASE?

I’m not really sure on that as there is no splash damage radius stated on the recursions item card. Maybe check out the parts and see if any of the parts have splash damage radius attached. If the weapon does in fact do splash damage like the interloper, then the 125% splash would be superior to 100 ase, but I’m not sure it does splash.

I’ve wondered about this. I’ve seen weapons with the 125% splash anoint that have no indicator of doing splash natively. If that’s the case, does it mean it’s a meaningless, useless anoint? (Even worse than slide or in-air on sniper rifles then?)

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But splash is based on the weapon damage, right? Then 100% ASE should boosts two stats?

No, not exactly. Splash and weapon damage are their own multipliers that result in the final damage that you hit the enemy with.

If you want a better simplified explanation I can type it up.

So the default splash damage is always at the same level until you add splash modifier?

Splash in BL3 acts just like any other damage type. So buffing splash damage works the same way that gun damage or elemental damage would.

They overhauled splash from previous games where it used to be a percentage of the original bullet. Borderlands 3 has made the original bullet the instance of splash. Adding splash modifiers is just a percentage increase on your damage.


Anointments are random, I had an infinity pistol with, “ASE don’t use ammo”. Kinda pointless lol. It happens.

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So i checked the parts and there was no Splash damage on it.

Does this mean that the 125% Splash will do more damage than the 100% ase? I tested it on the dummy and it seems that the 100% ASE hits harder.

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The Recursion I don’t believe lists it but testing has proven it gets boosted by splash.

I can’t answer a question like this without seeing a full build. The other boosts you have will play a key role in which is more valuable.

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Thank you to everyone for your input / responses

Here’s an example (with fake stats and super over simplified formulas) to answer your question. Let’s assume your recursion does 100 card damage.

(weapon damage) x (splash) = final damage

(100) x (1) = 100

Without any gear or skills or GR the the 125 splash will do more damage.

(200) x (1) = 200
(100) x (1 + 1.25) = 225

If we make up gear stats to make this easier, say you have an artifact with 30 splash damage, and a class mod with 30 splash damage.

100 ASE
(200) x (1 + 0.3 + 0.3) = 320

125 Splash
(100) x (1 + 1.25 + 0.3 + 0.3) = 285

See now the weapon damage ASE is better. So let’s add skills into it that raise weapon damage by 80%.

100 ASE
(280) x (1 + 0.3 + 0.3) = 448

125 Splash
(180) x (1 + 1.25 + 0.3 + 0.3) = 513

Now the Splash ASE is better. So that answers your question of why gear and stats matter, it changes the outcome.

So why does the outcome change? Becuase when 2 numbers are multiplied by each other raising one number will yield less increase than changing both numbers

(150 x 50) is less than (100 x 100)
(101 x 99) is less than (100 x 100)

The closer the numbers are to each other the higher the final number will be (assuming you’re increasing the size of the numbers obviously).

This also assumes splash on the recursion works like splash on other guns which in not 100% about, but others say it does so I believe them.

If I made any mistakes, the point still stands, I’m just tired.


Wow, thanks for that awesome break down. I have a much better idea of things now.

No problem.

If you understand all of that here’s more in-depth with the other multipliers I didn’t include. This is @Prismatic’s (other person commenting here) explanation which is probably the easiest to understand I’ve ever read.

Keep in mind, you’ll want to reset your brain before you read it because my explanation over-simplified everything to be extremely basic.