Recursion x1 with 300/90 is the best weapon in the game

Especially on Amara, but my point is this gun 1 shots mobs even if they have 1-2 anointed enemies. Better than the yellowcake because of its range and reliability with every shot. I have +35% shotgun damage on my COM btw.

My theory is that the x1 variant is better than the x2 here because you are reserving more damage per shot to benefit from the 300% boost, increasing your overall output per shot. Haven’t been able to get my hands on a x2 to test this.

Seriously, try this gun. Side question, can you send mail to friends without xbox live?

You have to be connected to Xbox Live to send mail.

How are you using this? Using TTB? Anything special in your build? I’ve tried using the Recursion in the past without a lot of luck. Probably because of my build or the way that I was trying to use it.

I’d like to give it a try again, since I probably have one or more of these after farming Ambermire so much last week.

Hmmm, I actually don’t have one of these. I just remembered that this is a dedicated drop, not a world drop. Might have to farm for one.

The Recusion is a world drop and a dedicated drop (General Traunt). The Trial of Survival (Gradient Dawn) has increased shotgun drops, so give that a try.

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Thanks. I couldn’t remember for sure. I have a ton of Brainstormers, Conference Calls, etc. from many runs through Ambermire last week but only one Brainstormer that’s under leveled. If it were dropping there, I would’ve picked it up unless if it had a crappy anoint.

When in doubt, Check this Google doc for where to get all Legendary items in the game:


I used them when i ran a ricochet amara and prior to M2.0

It put in work for sure. Xbox would lag if I had too big of a mob at once. But after the lag, everything was dead so it worked.

Haven’t tried on M2.0

I use driver amara only and recursion is the best gun for my playstyle with amara period. She can oneshot badass enemys and just obliterate mobs even if i have no one to ricochet off just build up speed real quick and melt them with any decent dmg weapon the anarchy works really well to!

I use a TTB phasezerker build with a focus on DoHarm/Violet Taoestry/Conflux. Cryo annoitment on shield and radiation annoitment on gernade, aslo a victory rush artifact. Jaded Echo has a good video on it.

I dont have any godrolls really or even any DLC gear. What’s really nice is that I have +50% magazine capacity on my artifact which is really nice but not needed.

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Thanks! I’m actually using a Jaded Echo build on my Amara #2 right now. I like her videos.