"Recycle Chest", QoL Increase, and Progression

Keeping in mind I’m a casual player who created a build without peer guidance. After maxing out a siren and running mayhem 3 with any set of modifiers applied with ease(all bosses and mobs). I wouldn’t mind seeing higher mayhem levels with the loot chance staying the same through increases past level 3(500%). Which generally you’d see people wanting greater chances at better quality gear with having harder enemies, but I quite literally already have more legendaries than I know what to do with at the current drop rate. I propose having a “Recycle Chest” where any 10 legendary quality pieces of loot can be broken down to provide a single, percentage based upgrade to any 1 item. If set to all primary stats increasing by 2% then I’d likely have at least a 10% gain on on one item with my current stockpile. I believe a cap of 25-50 upgrades(50%-100% bonus to primary item stats) would allow for players to have something they can turn to for constant progression on their loot, not just their character stats with vault ranks. It also keeps players happy when they see those legendaries drop, regardless of if it’s one to use.