Red and belly Glowing?

so if you kill one does the other become more powerful or something? because he starts to glow red(Will his armor) and seems tougher or is it just my imagination? Bit of a dumb question but the forums could use some life

Sometimes you get a texture glitch on items or enemies, where they appear to be glowing with a single colour. I’ve mostly seen it on ammo crates and weapon boxes, but I’ve occasionally seen it on lunatics, orcs, bots, etc. I don’t think it has any actual game-play effect, just looks odd, and is related to the game engine.

Huh i see them do it every time after i kill the other and they seem to hit harder

One does not get harder after the other is killed, and I’ve never seen them glow … but I will look for the glow next time. FWIW, I just did this last night and did not see a glow.

I have been trying to kill Red (the flying one) first, since that seems to stop the infinite midget spawn afterwards.

Red always seems to be hardest since he can be hard to keep aim on.

However he went down pretty quick last night in UVHM with Jack. All the holo-jacks make things easier most times. :smile:

Belly (the big one) walkin’ around all alone was an easy target after that.

I do think that all bosses/enemies tend to get more “animated” after taking a certain amount of damage … and before they have so much damage they are crippled.

Hmm maybe its just red being a moron and not shooting me til belly is dead but damn he hits like a truck

Belly’s charge is pretty devastating. I don’t recall much about Red’s damage, just he is hard to hit and the midgets spawning can do a lot of damage.

With most characters, I tend to hide back by the VMs. I do with Jack while the holo-jacks are recharging.

The midgets in UVHM (or other levels in you are slightly underleveled) can do a lot of damage quickly.

Both of them will glow red for me once their partner is dead, not sure if they do more damage but little Red hits pretty hard once I focus on him.

I assumed there was some kind of damage upgrade to them when the other died, like a reference to Ornstein and Smough.

You gonna make that one thread?