Red bar reload glitch (video)

I finally managed to record this happening and uploaded it. I have a red bar connection here (four of the game’s players were red, one was yellow, rest green.)

This is just me holding down the R2 fire trigger. No skills, nothing that might clip the reload animation.

It wasn’t uncommon for this to happen up to six times before the gun actually reloaded. If I fired a canister early, I had to force each reload attempt by hitting square. Needless to say, the game wasn’t playable, yet I had little choice but to endure for 30 minutes. :cry:

I was using a reload speed item, which tends to make the problem more common.

This happens with green bars too. With high reload speed for snyper bombing melka.

Bloody hell, I’d heard of this but never seen it. Red bar for the win!