Red Card legendary for slide is terribad

On a continuing notion of being horribly underwhelmed with all damage related to slide and ground pound (even with unique relics that add bonuses). Partly due to their complete lack of scaling with any other relevant stat in the game.

This thing takes the cake. Its a bloody legendary shield.

That does 6K (rounded up) for fully depleting your shield on slide impact. Less on lower shields.

6K is LITERALLY useless. If i shoot once i have already done over 6K damage. Why is thing soooo bad? And i mean SOOOOOOOO BAD.


Wait you’re trying to kill stuff with a shield? Use a Black Hole then. That’ll wreck mobs even if it’s like 5 levels under. But the Red Card is a shield stripper that you can use with a Splattergun relic to 1 shot people after you’ve slid into them. If Zane can copy this thing on his barrier, it might have potential. And be kind of hilarious too. But it’s not designed to kill enemies by sliding into them. That’d be ridiculously OP. I need to try it for myself but to me it seems you may not have understood what the shield was intended for. It’s a guaranteed shield drain without using shock weapons. That’s useful to someone, I’m sure

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So is Slide and Ground Slam actually useful anywhere in the game? I ran through the tutorial at the beginning of the game. Tried to use both a few times. But to be honest neither have been useful in taking down enemies. The one exception is the piece of gear that adds in the homing rockets after doing a ground slam. Those come in really handy in the Cistern of Slaughter to take down the Rakks.

We need a Diablo mechanic where we smelt Legendaries for resources and later do targeted gambling with these resources. Red Card will have it use as a nice resource material.

There are skills and shields that synergize with this

I like it with the el Diablo artefact (can’t remember the exact name) with a bunch of elemental damage builds such as Amara. But ground pound I’ve never used in game.

It’d be nice if there were enemies you could only finish off using ground pound. Add some variety to the fighting other than ‘just shoot it’

Shield depletion. With pretty much every humanoid enemy having shields in M3, having another source of shield stripping without swapping or spamming grenades IS useful. You may not use slide or slam but that doesnt mean nobody else does

The red card is one such (legendary) shield… and its complete poop. If they would double all the stats it has, it would still be complete poop.