Red Chest Event Glitch?

I have been farming traunt with my fl4k last night and this morning on M4 and opening the red chest in the next room after every run to reap my orange rewards from the event (in addition to farming world drops from traunt).
I just started farming him with zane on M4 about an hour ago and now every other run, the chest is already opened and I get nothing :confused: . I went back to my fl4k and repeated a few times and the chest is still sealed every time.

Any answers?

Please advise

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don’t red chest allways act this way?

or does the timer reset after reload now? iirc it took around 20 minuits or so for the chest to reset (as otherwise people would just map out a route and farm red chests all day)

Timer or no timer though, why would it act differently (always resets vs sometimes resets) on 2 separate characters when all other variables (story complete, level 50, normal mode, mayhem 4, traunt, etc) are exactly the same? :confused:

game is weird man :wink:

like every time i farm freddy… after the second kill… he just explodes when i look at him funny… (litteraly… he spawns and if i or my skill does any damage near him he explodes -> farming the living crap out of him now)

I am in the same boat. Even worse, the behaviour of the chests changes from patch to patch. Right now, 3 out of 4 characters get red chests reseted on reload, wich is not bad. Unfortunately not for my main toon (Moze). It´s really weird.

Check his lvl, when he dies so fast, it’s because he spawns in as a lvl 2 Freddie, its a known bug atm.

On topic: I only did some farming on 3 different characters (2 Amara’s and my Moze, TVHM, M4) and had no issues myself. But I Always thought the red chest reset in TVHM, and not in NVHM. Gonna try some other characters I have later on today.

Yeah it seems some characters get lucky and chest everytime and others don’t. It’s a bug one way or another.

It’s really weird and inconsistent. For me and my Zane, red chests always had about a 40 minute cooldown, more or less, before they get closed and re-filled again (which I suspect is how it actually is intended to be) but I’ve seen others who had their chests reset with every savequit.

You have to complete the story(and maybe some endgame?) to farm red chests from what I understand. On NVHM I can open a red chest every time for those that finished. From ones who have not completed NVHM or TVHM for that matter, they can not.

I think they don’t want people abusing chests without completion or something.

TVHM Red Chests Event is sometimes bugged. Switch back and forth between VHs seems to do the trick.

Is your Zane killing him massively quicker?
I know I can shred him pretty quickly with a scourge, especially if I debuff him first.

Same problem, My Fl4k never seems to reset (been a few days). My Zane resets at the 45 min mark.

Ive heard that red chests have a timer only on nvhm. So switch to tvhm and problem should be solved