Red Chest Event Help

Ok, so i was ignoring this content until i killed Jackpot and got 8 annointed legendaries out of the 2 red chest in his treasure room. So i started going to every place i knew had a red chest. Farmed them, saved and quit and then went back to farm them and remembered, oh yeah the red chests in this game, for some odd reason are on a timer. Never understood why they implented this but whatever.
But the question remains, how are you supposed to farm this event if they are on a timer? How long is the timer? 1 day? 1 hour game time? Am i missing something here? The only farmable red chests are the ones behind Jackpot and that gets boring killing him over and over. I was hoping i would be able to go everywhere in the game, farm the chest and kill enemies and start again, kinda refreshing but no. Cant do that.
Anyways, just wondered how others are farming this. Thanx

I kill Giga, hit his red chest, fast travel to Reliance hit the containers there, sell all the junk and quit and restart all over again.

it s approx 45min in game with the character that opened the target chest, except for people who have a bugged timer and just reset chest by save and quit and yes no one knows why the timer bugs for like half of the people.

What i did is I opened all the drought chests with all my lv7 mules, anyway the only point of this event is to get the low level shields useful for some builds

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Strangely enough it can actually differ from savegame to savegame whether the chests respawn instantly or not.
Your timer normally should be around 40-45 minutes.
I recommend you just keep on changing up farms. One in the droughts, then maybe Katagawa Jr., then the chest in reliance, then you might to Tyreen, or the Rampager, then maybe a quick Jackbot run and once you are done with that, the chests in the Droughts will likely have respawned already and you can do it over again.

Ok, so its 45 minutes if game time with that specific toon? I think i can manage that. I have gotten fantastic maggies this way. Because pistols are so common and come 4 to a chest, its the easiest way to get maggies, shields or grenades that are annoited so far in this game.
I can manage 45 minute timer, i dont know why but i thought it was a 24 hour timer, lol.
Thanx guys or gals

I’ve been farming Borman Nates chest on the bridge, kill Borman, get chest, quit and restart and get it again, and again, and again. So many legendaries.

As has been stated in multiple forums, you tube videos etc… the timer is BROKEN and has yet to be addressed by GB. 1/2 the community can farm the chests repeatedly, 1/2 have to wait 45
Min for Cooldown.

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Yeah, I never even knew a timer existed until now! The chests respawn instantly for me after quitting and jumping right back in. A 45 minute timer isn’t a bad idea though, just to make players hit a variety of locations rather than farming the same boss/chest over and over. I’ve yet to get anything really worthwhile from the chests though.

You’re lucky. That chest is on a cool down timer for me. Borman has also mostly stopped dropping legendaries for me.

The big question is whether or not this timer is supposed to exist or not. Regardless, the concept of a timer on chests makes ZERO sense. As I’ve said already several times, a chest should have the same farming repeatability as any boss. As with any boss, the variability should rest on loot variability.


The timer is meant to exist.

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These were exactly my thoughts. How do we know which is the bug? There was no timer in previous games. They certainly haven’t done anything to address it, and they’re pretty aggressive at patching exploits.

I think the timer is a misfire from gearbox. No other title had a timer and they do not provide lucrative enough loot to justify a timer. However, if this red chest event was permanent and happened everytime u opened a red chest, i could see the point of the timer, for real. It would make raiding vaults and the proving grounds way more enjoyable and worthwhile

Oddly, I have never really complained or had much issue with any oddities in the game. Generally, it’s been quite fun but… at this stage in the games cycle, things like this shouldn’t happen. This was an event that a HUGE population of the BL community simply couldn’t enjoy. I would be totally cool with at least some mention of the developers addressing an awareness of the bug. Is it too much to ask that this is fixed and extended?

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Then why doesn’t it exist for everyone?

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That’s the joy of bugs, they’re unpredictable and take time to figure out the root cause of.

I’ve been a Software Engineer for 30+ years so I know all about bugs. :smile: It just seems like GB would’ve said something about it by now. To me, it just seems like they’re ignoring it.

I’m OK with the timer if that’s the way that it was intended and it’s the same for everyone.


They are already drowned in bugs and this one is not easy to figure out (unknown root cause, apparent randomness). At the point we are now, I would not even blame them to priorize working on the well identified numerous problems that directly affect gameplay.

Given the style of the game, I’d say this should be high priority. the problem is either “Players can’t do thing we’ve just promoted and encouraged” or it’s “Some players are being excessively rewarded during our promotion”.
Yes they should be prioritizing functionality, but this undermines the actual point of the end game and the event. They should fix things that effect promotional events if they’re going to have them. If I wasn’t one of the lucky folks I’d be annoyed.
I also think the community is making it worse. Rather than taking part in discussion so people could share and compare experiences possibly finding a consistent factor, people come in and dismiss the discussion with “No one knows, stop asking.”

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