Red Chest Event Help

They are already drowned in bugs and this one is not easy to figure out (unknown root cause, apparent randomness). At the point we are now, I would not even blame them to priorize working on the well identified numerous problems that directly affect gameplay.

Given the style of the game, I’d say this should be high priority. the problem is either “Players can’t do thing we’ve just promoted and encouraged” or it’s “Some players are being excessively rewarded during our promotion”.
Yes they should be prioritizing functionality, but this undermines the actual point of the end game and the event. They should fix things that effect promotional events if they’re going to have them. If I wasn’t one of the lucky folks I’d be annoyed.
I also think the community is making it worse. Rather than taking part in discussion so people could share and compare experiences possibly finding a consistent factor, people come in and dismiss the discussion with “No one knows, stop asking.”

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Well this hits at a good point. The event is misleading and truthfully I had watched several you tube vids of folks farming the red chests over and over prior to diving in myself. Needless to say I was very frustrated that I could not enjoy the event the way others did. With a full time job/ family waiting 45 min to reopen a chest got old very quickly. I have no doubt GB is aware of this by now and regardless of prior bugs being worked out a current event having issues such as this should be up front and center on the priority list.


At least there are so many easy-to-reach chest in the game that if you just start at one and make a loop through all the different areas, you should reset the timer on the first chest by the time you’re done (it’s been work g that way for me, at least.)

I got tired of waiting for the respawns also and ended up buying the DLC. I’m playing through that now.

I think that if they’re going to continue with the respawn timers, they need to take in to account real time along with game time. If I open a red chest in the game and then quit and come back the next day, there’s no reason for that chest to not be closed. If 8 hours of real time have passed, the chest should be able to be farmed again.


I definitely think if i end the game and start the game back up 45 minutes later or a day later, the game should respawn all the red chests again. Then i could farm them all with all my toons and by the time im back to my first toon, i can go again


I have noticed this to on my end. I can go to red chests and do the farming thing but when i quit and restart to do them again they are already open. I find that quite odd and did notice that the youtubers and most can redo them over and over again with not timer or anything.
This event is messed up in my opinion. If Gb wants to do more events like this they better try to fix the issues still in the game first before doing another event like this again. It just goes to show that they are still out of touch on things on there end about the game.

How can there be a timer on some folks gameplay but not others. I’ve really only farmed that chest and there has not been a timer on it, well, unless it’s less than 3-4 mins as I do kill Borman first.

It’s my understanding that part of the reason it happens for some but not others is that it doesn’t have the timer in TVHM.

I think there are other reasons as well, but I’ve been told that is one of them (could be wrong, though, as I haven’t tested it).

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I’ve completed TVHM and tried the chest farm and it still has 45 min Cooldown.


Thanks for the info. Seems I was misinformed.

No worries. We need more to chime in regarding their experiences with this problematic event. Cheers

I think there should be a location chart of where red chests are in any given map. Then, i could plot a plan of action to hit them in a certain order and by the time im finished, my timer will reset and i can do it again. And having enemies or bosses in the way would only make it more enjoyable, and with my current gear i could try some unused gear during these runs and have some fun

Someone one on one of these threads had posted an interactive map document. I unfortunately don’t have it on my phone to forward.

I’ve only done the ones in The Droughts in TVHM and those are all on timers for me. It doesn’t seem to make a difference between NVHM & TVHM.

And note that your timer is tied (at least in my experience) to the character across all playthroughs.
IN other words, if you open a chest in NVHM, then flip over to TVHM, the chest is still open, waiting for the timer to reset. Which is kinda silly.

And another note: I had this issue with Gigaminds red chest before the event started, after one open it stayed open until something (I assume the timer, but we didn’t talk about it then) reset.


There is also an app for the phone


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Thank you

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IGN has a guide to where all the red chests are.

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