Red Chest event & Loot Monster mayhem

Anyone have any good suggestions? Such as locations for Red Chest or locations for Loot Tinks?

Easiest run for Red Chests for me, last time around, was The Droughts on Pandora (including a run through Dumptruck’s tower, and not forgetting the hidden chest up the cliff to the left of Ellie’s garage), quick run through Tyreen for the double in the Vault, and then Meridian Outskirts for the combo of chancing a Cutsman from Bates and the single Red Chest there.

The entire run took me roughly half an hour, allowing the chests to reset and for me to drop back out to the main menu and back in to do it again (otherwise I wouldn’t get Tyreen back).

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Awesome. Thank you. And I just ran through the little area at the start of Jakobs Estate (right in the beginning) and had 3 or 4 Loot Tinks spawn.

I’m sure most people know about it, but the droughts also has a red chest near the entrance to devil’s razor–you never really go to that area except in the story where you first access devil’s razor so I tend to forget about it when farming the droughts.

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Anyone know if the portal chests on Xylourgos count as red chests?

I’d like to know this as well…

After trying all chest types in the DLC it appears that the event isn’t working properly on Xylourgos at all despite this post…

That’s a shame. I’m in CurseHaven. I’ll have to jump over to the one red chest that I know about and test it.

Nahhh, it’s working bro. I just checked the red chest in Cursehaven by Kritchy and it has 4 legendaries (all junk) in it.

Yeah, i havent seen a dlc drop in a red chest at all, and all ive been farming is dlc1 and 2. The white, silver and portal ones dont seem effected by the event, so they still give dlc drops.