Red chest farming

Yesterday and today. I’ve farmed red chest and both days I’ve gotten no legendary drops at all!
What’s going on with that…?
I probably farmed droughts chest 2 times and even farmed graveward and didn’t get anything from it nor Troy (once today).
anyone else having this issue???

Are you doing it on normal or TVHM Mayhem 4

Mayhem 1

That’s probably why M1 is alot less legendary chance then M4. Just farm the 3 or 4 chests on M4 in the droughts you dont have to kill enemies

Ok will try it. Thanks much

Might want to try checking the main menu screen to see if hot fixes are applied. I have bad internet connect from time to time and loose connection.

I have and it is up there “hot fixes applied” I’ve played on mayhem 1-4 and had so so luck :rage:I don’t understand it. Was working just fine? All I’m getting is purples and some blues-?

Thanks for giving me some advice😆