Red Chest Floodmoor Basin /Reliance Bug

Hey, the red chest at floodmoor Basin in Reliance is bugged.

i cant reset the red chest, its totally open. i have tsarted the game new and i also ported to sanctuary and back to the map but the chest doesnt closed to open it again but in my boyfriends instance it worked

Same on ps4. Test other characters if you have. It works only on my moze

Chests (except the Golden) stay open for some set amount of time before they’re available to be opened again. I’ve heard 45 minutes thrown around, but haven’t tested it myself to confirm.

i dont have but at my bf one charakter it works and one not

i have started the game yet and the red chest from yesterday in floodmore reliance is still open since yesterday

its a glitch , try different character

but i dont want to start new only cause of a glitch

then skip the event , chest aren’t even that good because lvl 49

It would be nice to have a hotfix for the hotfix to get this glitch fixed. I’ve got several chars and have not found one yet who can get the Captain Traunt red chest to be openable everytime.

Isn’t it in-game time (like opening the chest and immediately quitting the game leaves 44 minutes on the timer, which only counts down while in-game)?

I have zero sources for this phenomenon, so the entire “chest isn’t open after a game restart” might be its own glitch, and the timer thing was an idea that gained a life of its own and is otherwise entirely false.

When your bf quits and restarts a game, the chest is always closed when returning?

when my bf doing restart the game he can open the chest every time but i cant. i have also read that there is an timer

Yeah red chests are supposed to be on an in-game timer (not real time), but some seem to be a little glitchy and sometimes are available on a quit/restart. The Gigamind chest is like this as well apparently. I know from personal experience about that one: sometimes it was available every time I quit/restarted, but in recent times it’s been on the timer.