Red chest glitch The Spendopticon

I’ve completed everything but it says I still need one red chest for 100% completion the red chest on The Spendopticon which you get access to during the mission The Handsome Jackpot. Is anyone else having this problem? I know I opened everything in the room during the mission and now the door is locked with no access to the chest.

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There is one more chest in the room where you need to find blueprints during mission “The Plan”.

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To elaborate on this you have to return to the room where you fought Tricksy Micks before, in the back is now a open room with a second red chest and a one way fast travel.

BTW does anyone know whats with that room in the J-Spot that opens later where a red chest and a dead guy with a painted quest exclamation mark above his head is?

also for whatever reason, I picked up both red chests in the spendopticon and the counter still says i have 0/1 chests…