Red Chest Respawn issue?

I’m sure there are multiple threads on this already but for the sake of the the current event … is there an added respawn clock ? I don’t recall it ever taking this long to respawn red chests after a save and quit. Am I missing something? Thanks

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I heard tell that on TVHM you can log out/in to reset chests but when on NVHM there is a timer on how often they can reset.

Not sure how true this is but I’ve hear it here a few times.

This doesn’t work for me - on PC. I have a respawn timer for all characters regardless of mode/completion/mayhem levels

Some people have said that some of their characters have respawning chests while others don’t. Some characters have certain chests that respawn everytime. Some people say that TVHM makes all chests respawn instantly. Some people say it depends on what platform you are on.

There doesn’t seem to be any consensus. It’s all over the place.

I only have one character in normal mode, and I haven’t found a single chest that isn’t on a timer. Not that I mind, it’s boring to open the same few chests over and over again.

If it’s intended to be on a timer for everyone regardless of circumstances, then it’s definitely not working correctly.

My characters in NVHM can open a chest every time. Tvhm they can’t. Then again story and trials are not 100% on tvhm. However they are completed on NVHM. My characters had that issue on NVHM prior however they completed something that no longer puts chests on timer.

Something weird has happened to me: on monday i farmed some red chests in the usual areas (the droughts, Tyreen, The Rampager, Jackbot) and then i ended my session after killing Captain Traunt and opening the red chest nearby; yesterday i started the game and of course i respawned at Cap. Traunt savepoint, i proceeded to kill him and i discovered that the red chest was open and empty. I went to the Droughts and all the red chest that i looted on monday were open and empty. Anyone else had the same issue? I’m on ps4, TVHM, M4.

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Ive read that its an in game timer. I.e that character has to have played 30mins in game for the chest to respawn. As least that seems to be what is happening to me.

What rocket scientist at Gearbox came up with this timer idea? If I can farm Gigamind every single time I save and quit for example, ALL chests should do the same. Don’t get me wrong, love the game, but the decisions these developers make on occasion make absolutely ZERO sense. I wonder if switch to Normal mode ( no Mayhem ) or TVHM if this issue goes away. If not, this red chest event seems like a complete waste of time.

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Yep, it’s an in-game timer, not “real” time. It’s apparently 45 minutes. I just mix chest farming in with other activities to pass the time in-game (run the Takedown, a couple Proving Grounds, etc.)

The Gigamind chest seems a little wonky though. The last time I tried a couple days ago, that chest was “timered”. But on other occasions I can remember, it was available every time I quit/reloaded. And others have said the same.

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I’ve had it happen randomly, but only a few times, with no apparent pattern or explanation.

For instance I killed gigamind once and looted his chest, and saved and quit. When I killed him again and checked the chest it was open and empty. So I saved and quit, and the chest was refreshed. Another time it didn’t fix itself and I had to exit the game and restart and it fixed the issue too. Saving and quitting then resuming farming reset it like nothing happened basically.

Bug I guess?

I’m just really confused as to what the rationale is behind this timer as it relates to this specific event. I mean if you ran through The Drought ( 4 chests), Meridian Metroplex and Floodmoor Basin it would take , maybe 10- 20 min. So, you could realistically hit the vast majority of red chests in short order. With this timer nonsense, at that point… it’s over for 1/2 hr to 45 min. Makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Strange. Im Xbox and red chests respawn every savequit…

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You on M4 normal or TVHM?


I still stand by the red chests will constantly open after some sort of endgame trigger.

Such as completing Normal and TVHM play throughs? If so, I’ve done both and no luck.

On NVHM I can consistently open them. On TVHM I have not completed yet and chests are on timer.

I completed both and I can’t reopen any.

All trials/missions/slaughters?

When you say NVHM are you on any Mayhem levels?