Red Chest Respawn issue?

M1-M4 doesn’t matter.

On TVHM even on M1-4 they are timed for me.

No haven’t done every side mission. If that is what’s causing it perhaps the developers should say so.

There is some kind of trigger involved. I can only assume you have to complete everything. It is the only thing I can link to them opening every time.

I guess it’s possible. I’d be curious to hear of any players having this Cooldown issue that have completed “ everything”.

It was put in a patch some point after release. I would spam the Eden6 red chest next to Clay and get some quick good gear to continue on with. One day it was stuck open and I was like “dang that was short lived”. (my guess is others did the same thing and they decided to sly nerf chest openings)

Then I noticed it started happening on bosses chests as well. Some point after completing ‘something’ they stopped doing it for that mode and character. Starting a new character would resort back to timers for the new character. After completing ‘something’ on them too, I could open them every time again.

Both I was able to farm chests but each character had finished NVHM completely.

You could very well be right. If that be the case, it should be spelled out or corrected. A chest, like any boss should respawn EVERY time and let the randomness associated with loot drop and quality come in to play. The timer issue is nonsense and serves absolutely no purpose at all in my humble opinion.


Unless the purpose is to troll the players, which Gearbox seems to LOVE to do…

I believe the timer was initially for the streamers and echocast. However that really does serve no purpose. From reports I’ve heard and what I’ve seen this issue is completely random. Perhaps there is some end game trigger that removes the timer. Wish that was easier to test, or if GBX could actually communicate with us about what’s going on … with anything.


Well hm, another wrinkle to this.

Finished PT1 with my Zane last night.
This morning, went into M1 in Normal mode, dropped into the Droughts and opened Ellies red chest, got stuff (well, 2 good pistols and 2 (two) Gunrangs).

Then quit, changed playthrough to TVHM cuz I want him to complete again.
Started PT2, and wandered over to Ellies again.
And the chest is already open.
So, not only is it time locked, it’s time locked across all playthroughs, even if you haven’t even been in that playthrough before.

Hm again.
I don’t mind rules for this event, like time limits on reopens, I just would like to understand what those limits are beyond poking around until I figure it out.


@mariano.savino I had the same exact issue happen with me today. I played the other day and was having re-spawning issues and took a day off playing came back today and all the red chests I opened were still empty. :frowning:

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Have yall complete everything in the NVHM like trials/slaughters/side missions?

I can get them to open every time.

I have not completed everything in NVHM on any character.

Maybe someday, but it is not on my list to go back and do anytime soon.

GB did a stealth fix on the Cistern, maybe that affected the timer? I was able to farm the red chests all weekend and yesterday they were all wide open (instead of refreshed.)

Oddly enough I just caught this YouTube vid on the red chest cool down issue and some possible fixes…

I’ve completed four TVHM play throughs and have been able to farm the chest without issues since the event started.
These play throughs are not 100 percent complete just main story and a few side missions.

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And yet again, not a peep from Gearbox as to what the "intended " mechanic is. I know I have a timer on PC on all characters (and to be honest I have a loop I do such that the timer is reset for the first chest by the time I get to the last one) but it would be nice to get a definitive answer from the devs.

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All I know is Friday the chests would reset and were stuffed with gold. By Monday, most of the chests are not resetting and those I can open are full of blues & purples. Maybe the stealth Cistern fix broke something (like they always do.)


I tried most everything on that You Tube vid and NOTHING. This is without a doubt a bug but beyond that and as I’ve stated before… why have a Cooldown on chests? I mean who makes this stuff up? Is there a developer at Gearbox specifically hired to study and implement ideal, chest cool down rates LMAO


I have a cooldown in NVHM and TVHM. It seems to be around 30-45 minutes of game play time. It’s pretty annoying. I also watched that video and nothing in it helped me.

I’m not sure what’s up with drops but today I’m barely getting any legendaries. Much different than it’s been during this event. It almost seems to me like they turned the event off.


honestly, i had no idea there was a delay for respawning red chests, on xbox one, i just log on and off and they’re back and ready to be looted.

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