Red chest respawn time

In light of the new Red Chest event I am curious as to how some players are having respawn times of up to 45 minutes and some can save & quit and have the chests open every time? This seems broken on just about every level.

Maybe it is platform based? I and my friends are on XBOX One X and have had no issues. Even the one in Reliance near the fast travel resets

Sadly not. It seems to be somewhat random and tied to your save file. Some people have characters with chest cooldown and some without.

That seems odd. Has anyone gone offline and deleted their on console save file to reload a fresh one form the cloud? Would that fix the issue?

officially the nominal way is the 45 minutes timer, timer skip is a bug but no one seems to know how to induce it, some people just have it and now there is an extreme confusion because no one is equal regarding this issue.