Red Chest Speed Farming Runs

Feeling creative again, so thought i’d take a totally new topic… :wink:

Nah seriously, mainly for newer players, but some of you may find some interesting routes or ways of farming some of these chests…even after ALLLLLLLL this time he he.

Been fun making this, had to make 2 mules just to cope with all the beauty looty.

Times that may be of interest: Listed to see how quick you can open the chests before moving on (if 2 or more).

Hero’s Pass - 2s
CraterBar - 13s
Frostburn - 1st (15s) - 2nd (47s)
Opportunity - 1st (20s) - 2nd (48s)
SawTooth - 1st (20s) - 2nd (1:06) - 3rd (1:39)
Gulag - 1st (24s) - 2nd (32s)
Beatdown - 1st (27s) - 2nd (40s)
Badlands - 1st (27s) - 2nd (41s) - 3rd (1:04)
Magny’s - 1st (40s) - 2nd (45s)

Sawtooth and Badlands are my favs, just feels good to be in the action. The Gulag is awesome too.