Red chest timer should be removed

I don’t get the point of this mechanic. No one gets amazing gear out of red chests. Gearbox, if you are worried about players farming legendaries, just why? You can get legendaries way faster by killing bosses, heck just by killing mobs. I get a legendary in a red chest 9/10 times it’s just garbage. The 10th time I’ll be like “oh that’s not so bad… to bad I have like 10 of these”. Maybe I would be happy if it was my first play through, but seriously why is this still a thing?

Gearbox can we please remove this red chest timer BS. It makes no sense. It didn’t make sense when the game launched and makes even less sense in 2021.

And while your at it, maybe have it so cosmetics stop dropping once you obtain them. It’s seriously dumb when you do a True Trial only to open a chest and have 2 cosmetics and a ■■■■■■■ Revengenader. This ■■■■ should never pop up in place of legendary gear.


Perhaps one reason this timer is there so that weekly challenge can’t be cheesed so easily :slight_smile:

Weekly challenges weren’t even in the game until a few months ago so I don’t think this is why.

On top of that, why is this a problem? If I want to go and farm my dailies/weeklies what’s the issue? It’s not like I’m going to get anything out of these chests, I’m literally doing it to get the weekly done. God forbid I finish it in 30 minutes by farming some chests because it’s a boring and unimaginative challenge. Yep, let’s spend hours and hours farming red chests because of the timer instead of playing other stuff in the game that’s actually fun.

Sorry no way you slice it does this make sense. If I can run around Scraptrap yard with Atlas Replay on Moze and farm 250 Atlas weapon kills in 30 minutes, I should be able to save/quit farm a red chest.


I don’t disagree with you, actually, my original comment was more in jest.

Challenge is also a pretty poor name for dailies and weeklies - these are more like chores or tasks: ‘take out the garbage 7 times’.

As far as why timer exists - I think to close off some really easy exploits, especially in early game. When you are in the end game, much more efficient things do exist, but in Droughts? Anyway, just spitballing here.

Is there a weekly challenge that involves opening red chests? Hadn’t seen that one yet.

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That’s the one I’ve got. “Open 50 red chests”. It helps to have several characters, I’m telling you…

Cool, haven’t had that one yet. Have the 250 corrosive kills this week.

Okay so then the timer should be in NVHM not TVHM. Why am I, someone that has almost 1400 hours in the game, being forced to travel around the entire game for this challenge (chore)?

None of it makes sense. Even in NVHM you get legendaries faster by just killing enemies and bosses. At low levels on normal your chances of getting a legendary from a red chest is like 1/100. Red chest farming is like the least efficient way to get legendaries in every context, this mechanic just makes no sense.

No offense, but I’m not looking for an explanation at this point. There is none. It’s just some dumb archaic mechanic left it from when the game launched (which BTW, didn’t even affect Amara and Moze until DLC6 dropped). It just needs to be removed.


Either they remove the timer or really buff the content in them…

And the red chest at the end of Slaughters should just be chuck full of legendaries imho… (maybe Slaughter specific weapons/items?)

Game isn’t really rewarding when it comes to end game content (not talking about boss farming though GTD is also pretty lacking in the reward department)


Just remove the timer. No one is going to legit farm red chests at end game. It’s inefficient.

And yes Slaughter chests (plus Trial chests) should be all legendaries. No cosmetics. No purples. No red text blues. Just legendaries.


BL1 did it better, I think, in that sense. Lootsplosion after Crawmerax was really special, and then you had Knoxx Armory.


Cosmetics shouldn’t even be loot :sweat_smile:

I always wished the would put all the cosmetics in earl’s shop.

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It was balanced when the drop rates of world drops were super high, but with the actual rates it wouldn’t do harm to remove the timer or diminishing it to like 10 minutes

I’m pretty sure the reason for the timer is because of streamers being able to give the loot away, making multiple copies of that item would be easily abused. Besides that it sucks as a solo player who just wants to farm red chests in the droughts ( which I did for a full year) until somthing changed and now they are all like this…


Again no one gets anything good from red chests. And no streamer is going to farm red chests on stream, it’s boring AF to watch that.

Also modding and save file editting exists. So does duping. Hell my one friend did the infinite skill points glitch and has a Flak character with every skill maxed (plus about 100 extra points he can never spend).

Just seems like a pointless mechanic in 2021.

Wasnt it only added cause of some streamer loot thing?