Red chests don't refill on TVHM?

I never played TVHM until a friend and I choose to re level some VHs and we decided to tackle TVHM for the changes to elemental strengths and weaknesses. After 2 days of play we noticed several red chests have stayed open. The 3 we noticed due to them being next to a boss are The Ruiner from Bounty of Blood, Gigamind, and Killavolt both on Promethea.

Is this normal or is my save file bugged? I never once had this happen in normal mode on any of my previous 5 characters. If anyone knows anything I would very much appreciate it :slight_smile:

This is normal, they’re on a cooldown timer. You need to spend a certain amount of time in-game (30-45 minutes or so, I forget the exact amount) with that character before it resets and you’re able to open it again. (And you’ll need to exit/reenter the map.)

(Very early characters created within a month or so after the game first launched are bugged and have no chest cooldown timer (my Moze is like this.)) Edit: I could be very wrong about this.

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I don’t know that that’s the actual cause.

Yeah I’m not sure either tbh, though so far it’s been the most logical explanation I’ve seen and it fits my case (I’ll edit my post though, spreading unverified information serves no useful purpose heh.)

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I don’t think it has to do with the time of creation. I’ve seen players (mostly streamers) who don’t have chest cooldown on completely new characters whereas my Zane who was created on the second day after the games release does have the cooldown.


My Amara got rid of it months after release.

The only thing I can think of is that I completed her TVHM playthrough around that time.

My day one Zane is still stick with the cooldown

Cool, then it does look like a random thing, kind of how like a couple of my characters are bugged in that DLC2 doesn’t scale to their level properly in TVHM (unless mayhem mode is turned on, which forces it.)

I have the issue on one of my 4 main VH, FL4K, and it wasn’t the first I created. So yeah. Random.

It seems like such a wired thing to implement. I sort of understand if you where streaming and chaining Red chest events one after another but considering I can 3 shot Killavolt and get more loot then I do from a chest why would anyone chest farm once they have a good set up? Add in the fact that chests only have world drops it just seems like a silly change for a PVE game.

Thank you guys for clearing this up!

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