Red chests not respawning anymore

All week I’ve been farming bosses for boss week and I’ve been reopening the red chests that some of the bosses have after the fight and the red chests respawn no problem for me each day. but today i noticed that all the red chests (like the 2 in the vault of the rampager for instance) are no longer respawning for me since i got the latest update. Did red chest respawning get taken out or changed? Is anyone else having similar issues?

I’ve noticed that when farming bosses, every other run has the red chest already opened.
Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s bugged every time for you, though. This game has more bugs than a Claptrap"s crotch port.

Thats funny lol

For some reason, when I started farming Graveward after beating the game the first time, I would enter the vault and after the initial first farm i did, no chests were being re-openable. I told my my friend whom I was farming with separately and he said i should check the veribility of my files. Though I didn’t do that after him mentioning it due to how long he supposed it might , I decided to farm with him as his chests were spawning in so I could get some extra loot. Eventually, I would farm it by myself and the chests were spawning back in the vault ready to be opened. I’m now farming for another character and having the same problem with both Graveward and Traunt on Athenas, despite having verified my files through the Epic Games Store library.

If anyone could help me or give advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Started having this issue myself mot sure what platform you guys are on, but I play on XboxOne. The other strange thing is it’s only occurring for one of my characters, Moze. My Fl4k and Amara both don’t seem to have this problem. I’m wondering if it’s linked to the character in particular or just coincidence.

I have this problem, too. I was farming bosses for weeks, every time the chests were respawning in the vaults. I think, it was the vault after Troy, where I noticed first, that the chests were open (two days ago). And not only the red ones, ALL chests. Since then, I was farming some bosses a little bit more and the chests in all vaults were sometimes open, sometimes closed.
Troy: Open every second time
Graveward: Open every second or third time
Traunt: Open 5 times in a row, I decided to kill him and don’t check the vault anymore - a few minutes ago, I walked in and saw, they were closed…

This is really weird :smile:
I’m on PC, playing Zane. I finished the playthrough on normal, I’m still on normal with Mayhem 1.

I forgot something: In the vault after Troy - when the chests are closed, I always have his empty health bar on the screen, very strange.