Red Chests won't respawn for my Amara

When the cap increased I got my main Zane to 65 and did a bit of vendor & red chest farming to tool up (with the B Sci booster). All went good.

I got Amara to 65 today and tried the same thing, and the red chests are back to being on a timer… :grimacing:

I reloaded Boyo and red chests re-spawn on re-load for him.

Is there a setting or a something something that I’ve tripped accidentally?


IIRC the timer thing is the correct way how red chests should work, and the immediate access to them after save&quit is a bug.
I have six different characters and only one has the timer thou. In my experience, every chest should reset after quiting to main menu and it should be fixed/changed.


This is only available on characters made early in the first month or two. Any character made after the patch won’t have respawning chests. Sucks too since people didn’t want to slog through 4 characters early after the game came out.

Sorry but no setting to fix it. Only your Zane will be able to.

If you make a FL4K or Moze they won’t be able to either.

Cool, I had the feeling it had something to do with characters created from early on, for awhile I was thinking it was something glitching out during transferring my saves and profile to Steam from Epic but this makes more sense. My Moze has this “feature” and she was the first character I went through the whole game with soon after launch. My very first character is an Amara collecting dust at level 11 who probably has this bug; after finishing the Moze playthrough I started a fresh new Amara instead of picking that one back up. This Amara doesn’t have respawning chests and neither does my FL4K and Zane, both created later on.

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