Red Dead Redemption 2 Discussion

Just wanted a place to discuss the upcoming sequel to one of my favorite games, besides Borderlands that is. Feel free to share about what you want or hope to see, wether that may be certain improvements or things you hope to be carried over from the original.

Just a few things I’d like to see…
1- If hunting is similar please improve the skinning animations length or make them faster the more you hunt.

2- Let me name my horse and maybe buy custom saddles for Buttercup or whatever stupid name I decide on.

3- Maybe some of the stranger missions that you pick up out of the blue will lead to some grandiose missions with some wow factor.

4- More interesting characters just like the first game, I like the crazy stuff sprinkled in here and there as well. The first time I took all this time to pick flowers for a mans wife and she’s a damn corpse in a chair… She doesn’t look a day over 30 john says. Love this kinda stuff.

So that’s just a few things for now, if your looking forward to the game and have ideas to share please do…


I like those suggestions. I’m just looking for a bigger world that is open for exploration right out of the gate.


Sounds good to me, I’m sure we will have plenty to explore and I have faith it will be a good size game. Rockstar is good at what they do as far as open world games go.

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They definitely create fun worlds to mess around in. Even GTA IV (which I found dull as hell) had a well crafted world.

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I would love horse customization. My horse’s name has always been Zombra, a Missouri Fox Trotter if you would. Always black or smokey grey. Wanted to put a blanket on him and such but couldn’t. In my own back story he had a mexican style quilt wrapped around him with colorful patterns on it.

Since I’m replaying the first, started a fresh play through last night, I noticed something that I would want, I would like markers that tell me how far away I am from an objective. Kind of like every other game but kind of like the Witcher 3, I compare the two series a lot. Great story telling, kind of wonky controls, big, vast open worlds and a lot of dedication to the small details. I noticed that I had to go to the map every time, find what area was purple and click on it to get my sense of direction. “They went a that way mister.”

I would also like Deadeye controls to be better. Get to select who you target not just random X’s placed everywhere. I shot an innocent but there was no distinction for me at least, who was good and bad. To end this, I can’t wait for the game. Hopefully I’ll get done with this play through before the new game came out. (It’s been like 4 years since I touched it, I got back in last night and the story was right, remember everything but the controls felt foreign to me, had to re-learn.)

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Im just through with Bonnie’s missions with the horse wrangling and took out some murderous thugs at the farmhouse holding hostages. Enjoying it as I did the first time and I agree with shooting innocent people by accident, maybe give us a little indicator above the bad guys and innocents to be able to discern who’s who in a gunfight. I’ve already picked up a couple bounties from the exact thing you mentioned.

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