Red Fang with AS 36% Boost

So I recently had a Red Fang with AS +36% drop for my FL4K.
I haven’t used it yet.
The one I currently have equipped has nice weapon anoints which I fell is better to use.
What exactly would the AS boost do for a Gamma Burst build?
The Aggro is already working just fine and my Eridian Skag can hold his own against anybody except the most powerful badasses. Would ge get a damage boost?
I thought I would ask the FL4K experts out there if it is even worth trying out?

The AS boost will only affect the initial damage done when you first use Gamma Burst. It is really not worth it.

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That is kind of what I was thinking.
I am not an expert in fully understanding all of the skills so thought I would ask if it was worth anything.

Thanks for the reply.

It might boost Atomic Aroma. Still not the roll it should be for FL4K

Nope. Atomic aroma doesn’t get AS damage, only pet.


If the pet could get extra damage during Gamma Burst through action skill scaling/rolls that would probably make it a far more worthwhile action skill.


I feel like AS damage only effecting the initial burst has to be some kind of foresight on the devs part. No wonder gamma cant compare to the clearing potential of most of the other action skills

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Well, GB doesn’t do any damage (other than the initial burst and AA), but to me, it competes on a completely different level; namely that in combination with the Red Fang it provides Fl4k with a ridiculous amount of aggro relief, and of course aggro relief is in its own way DPS.

The biggest problem I see with GB is that it doesn’t really work as an action skill without the Red Fang. What would be really great (and actually is kind of overdue in my book) is if the Red Fang’s special effect was made into the action skill special effect for Gamma Burst.

I think it would be really cool if you could run COMs other than the Red Fang with Gamma Burst. Which of course can be done, but that’s just kind of gimping yourself. Imagine if you could run GB with a Bounty Hunter and still get the pet taunt? It would be interesting to how strong the builds were - and I would imagine they would be pretty powerful.

For the record, I don’t think I am the first to say this or anything. It has been suggested here on the forums for months and months, maybe since launch.


Yeah I really wish red fang wasnt needed to make it good. It seems unlikely that they would ever go back and ever change any skills like that, so a damage buff for GB would be nice

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