Red Rain Rowans Call Farm Problem

Last night, a couple friends and myself fought our way through slaughterstar to red rain and blue fire with the hope of farming rowans call. We killed each of them and then killed ourselves by jumping off the edge, leaving quite a few enemies still alive so as not to finish the mission. Upon respawning, we fought our way through to wave 5 again and the mission completed without even spawning red rain or blue fire again. What did we do wrong? Do you literally have to play all 5 rounds just to get a single shot at rowans drop?

Please advise


You’d have better RNG farming Traunt on Athenas for a Rowans.

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I got 2 rowans calls yesterday farming graveward

Because it’s a world drop you are literally better off farming loot grams or graveward than big red unfortunately.
Really those crummy odds are better than the time and crummy odds of getting it from big red.

Alright traunt and graveward it is then, thanks guys. Im curious why red rain is listed as the dedicated drop then on the google spreadsheet though? Also, im still confused as to what i did wrong that prevented me from farming red rain. Or do i literally have to fight through all 5 rounds every times?

Yes and no. Lootograms only can drop 3 non-white quality items afaik: wagon wheel, butcher, and lucian’s call.

I don’t think you can ever get a Rowan’s call from them.

But agreement on the world drop.

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I think you have to fight through all 5 rounds once, but if you die or fast travel in the last round it will reset? I may be thinking of a different circle of slaughter.

Thats what we thought too, hence why we all jumped off the edge after killing red rain and blue fire while leaving a fair amount of enemies alive so as not to complete the mission. We respawned in round 5 wave 1 (seemingly accomplishing our goal), only to fight to wave 5 again and neither blue fire nor red rain spawned and the mission completed :confused:

I got them mixed up, still 0 is pretty close to getting the one you need from him​:joy::joy::joy:

Fer sure.


I’ve had them reset for me once. I didn’t record it but it had to be the ledge I jumped from that did it because I’ve never had success after my first try to reset, it just ends the second time like with you.
I was using Fl4k with the rakk Pak mod so maybe I had rakks in the air or the extra rakks confused the game to think they were big red? Kinda glitch crazy mod.

Hmm weird…sigh o well…thanks again…off to go farm traunt, gw, and a9000

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If you’re on PS4 let me know. I have a couple of nice ones.

GT: Sefiroh

Red Rain is the dedicated source. The thing is, for dedicated drops that take a long time to get to, the odds of the item dropping would have to be very high to make it better than farming someplace where lots of world drop legendaries drop (provided the item can world drop.) At the time they added dedicated loot sources, Rowan’s call was very popular, so they likely placed it at the end of a long fight intentionally to make it harder to obtain. However, since other bosses can be killed so quickly, the unintended side effect is that its possibly faster to farm world drops for this kind of item.

That would be fantastic. Ill send you an invite when i get home