Red Suit and Moze interactions

I thought I remembered there being a thread on this, but I cannot seem to find it, despite multiple searches… Anyone know what I’m talking about?

So I’ve been working on a radiation build that also heavily utilizes Iron Bear, and I’ve noticed similar results.

Red Suit seems well suited (pun intended) to using Iron Bear, given its relatively low delay, high recharge and Topped Up interactions. I’ve noticed the Aura seems to proc plenty of extra stuff as well, thanks for the back up on that…

I first became interested in this since rad explosions also proc MoD, and ergo can make lower capacity guns like Devil’s Foursum useful without reloading, and Blast Master seemingly helping the Aura from Red Suit.

Been experimenting with CMT and rad Cluster f*cks to see what works best for both Vampyr and MoD.

If you are interested, I’d enjoy putting our heads together on the build. I’ve got a fair amount down, just really experimenting and finalizing.

I love the idea of having mobs constantly blowing up around me, but the irradiate chance on the Red Suit actually kinda sucks – even with an atom balm equipped. I will dig through my loot tomorrow to see if I have one with bonus irradiate chance to see if that makes a difference.

Perhaps we could do a build where you stack as much potential aura damage as possible while you are outside Bear – a Green Monster at full blast (pun intended), class mod and artifact splash damage bonuses, shield and grenade element damage anoints and a gun with +160% splash anoint. I wonder what that nets out at…

I’m currently using a rad Devil’s Foursum with +125% splash, and alternating between a rad Cluster F*ck and CMT…

Red Suit wise I am using one with amp shot (-30% +20%, iirc) and power booster (when damaged +10%). Unfortunately, the annointment is +5% health Regen after ASE. I’m currently trading for one with +50% corrosive damage.

Relic wise, I’m using last stand Otto idol, elemental Projector Otto idol, and elemental Projector Victory Rush. Kinda depends on the situation; seeing which one holds up best overall.
Most of them have +splash, +mag size, + grenade damage.

Blast Master with +1 Redistribution, +1 Vampyr, +3 PtHP. +Splash, +weapon, +mag size.

Clearly, I’ve got great gear overall. Looking for a rad Devil’s Foursum with +125% incendiary next two mags/+160% splash damage for 18 seconds.

I think there is a lot of potential with the the build, given how Red Suit works with Iron Bear, and how rad explosions work with MoD.

I’ve definitely soloed Slaughter Shaft TVHM M4 with the build. However, I’ve not quite been able to beat Wotan solo. Think I need slightly better gear and strategy. Did recently acquire a +160 splash corrosive Protuberance, so…

Has anyone tries Red Suit + radiation Shrieking Devil? I assume Cloud of Lead and Fire in the Skag Den would have to be forgone, so i’m not sure it’s worth it.

It’s been tried on almost every character to certain successes, but it ends up becoming a really one trick pony.

It’s been done better with a Shock one and a Transformer because then the shock doesn’t just not hurt you, it keeps your shield up. Then you technically could keep Fire and Cloud and just hope the regen outpaced the damage.