Red Suit + Distributed Denial

Has anyone tried Red Suit and Distributed Denial on a bully Zane (Barrier Dome + Deterrence Field)?

800 dmg per second seems pretty decent.

I’ve used it, it’s not bad but tends not to do enough damage per second to hold up in Mayhem 3. But Mayhems 1 and 2 it’s very nice for constant aoe clear. And plenty of fun too. Highly suggest the Breeder alongside for even more radiation going on.

For Mayhem 3 viability I think the shield needs to have at least a 5k capacity, and the damage per second needs to be doubled. Too many super spongey enemies, and too often your shield gets evaporated.
Still, a fun and cool concept. Pairs well with an Atom Balm artifact.

Yeah things don’t scale well in mayhem 3 :(. Might try for a stop gap with low shield delay + high recharge.

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Stop gap has no such variants