Red Suit Drop and alternative location


Does Atomic in Tazendeer Ruins still drop the Red Suit shield? M10, tens of reloads and i’m getting nothing. Many times blues and purples. Sylestro do drop the Pestilence almost every time.
Any suggestions?

If you have a ton of eridium, just farm one from Earl’s gift shop.


You can also get them from the Eridian Fabricator(Gun Gun) on Legendary mode.


I personally see them very frequently in Crazy Earl’s machine. I have not gotten one from the Eridian Fabricator but I know you can. Both of those are probably the easiest ways to get one, provided you have completed the story mission that gives you the Red Suit as a mission reward, of course.

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Lootlemon reports that it is still Atomic and he should have a 10% chance to drop one.

I agree with the above tho, Earl’s vendor or the gungun could be an easier farm depending on how much eridium you have.


You on PC? I’ve got a date with those knuckleheads… if I get one, it’s yours.

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Thanks, but no, i’m on PS4. It is not only about finding one, but more about one with radiation on ase anointment :roll_eyes: