Red Suit question

I’ve killed Atomic and Sylestro 30ish times and i’ve got 6 anointed Pestilence, a couple of Faisors and 2 or 3 world drops, almost all of them anointed. Also 4 Red Suit, none of them anointed. Is it some kind of special gear that only comes non-anointed or am i unlucky?

Unlucky, just keep at it. 4 is good, just not anointed is your bad RNG.

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I’ve been farming for at least 15 hours and haven’t got annointed either, 6 not annointed. They do exist, I’ve also been trying to trade and someone had one but wrong annoint. It’s just such a rare drop AND you have RNG of annointment AND RNG of right one lol.

Ive gotten 3 annointed ones in roughly 2 days of farming, and none of them have been helpful lol, i feel your pain.

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It’s frustrating, that’s all I’m trying to get out of the event and I’m running out of time before rate drops again, and I can’t seem to trade for a sntnl one either :confused:

You think that’s bad.
I’ve killed the unstoppable over 200 times in the past few days and have had twice as many devastators and big boom blasters than band of sitorak. My anointed BoS drops have been damage reduction, healing, both phaseslam aniontments,movement speed on attack command(wished it was nova on exit FA), extra rakk charge, and my favorite because it’s useless refills on barrier drop. I just wanted ase elemental damage but I can only get that on other shields he drops.

Are you on xbox and what annoint are you looking for? I just got my first annointed one but it’s ASE and I run action skill always on Zane so it won’t help lol.

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I’m on ps4 unfortunately, but thank you anyway.
So, i decided to farm Sylestro and Atomic some more, i killed them 105 times (105 because then i got bored) and for those who are interested the results are:
-11 Red Suits, 2 of the anointed (both nova during phasegrasping, so…yeah…)
-36 pestilence, 17 of them anointed
-8 Spiritual Drivers (none of them had the stats i was looking for, but whatever…)
-some other stuff nobody cares about, i think (Faisors, Lasexploders, and so on)
Now, maybe the number of kills is not high enough and i’m also aware that both those two jerks have Pestilence in their dedicated loot pool, while Red Suit is only in Atomic’s, but still it seems kinda weird.
As for the Spiritual Driver, 8 in 105 i suppose is fine-ish, but to get the right stats, man…
I wish there were some way to reroll anointments and stats, really.