Reddit AMA September 30th

2 hours with Randy V, Joe King and Grant. That was nice. Much clarifications on the characters balance (all the infos coming October 6th).

Here’s some notes, feel free to add more I may have missed

  • The Command Rank bug is fixed in the October update
  • New Legendary gears in the new Story Ops
  • New titles for the new Story Ops
  • Fourth PvP mode (include 3 new maps)
  • Summer skins bundle to stay (not a limited deal)
  • More custom events (exemple Capture Extreme with double damage / instant respawn)

On future update post October update

  • Kid Ultra after October update
  • Halloween skins
  • Borderlands skins
  • Possible higher rate of Legendary/rarer drops in PvE and in Loot Packs
  • Re-evaluation/rebalancing of Legendary gears (stats and costs)
  • PvP Tutorials
  • Trial edition after the DLC releases, no other detail (not soon)
  • Draft mode
  • Fifth PvP mode winter 2017 (3 vs 3)
  • Possible lore unlock through Private matches
  • Possible pre-select helix options
  • Post CR 100 solution (no prestige though)
  • Possible daily challenges
  • More Loadouts and more bank pages
  • Maybe a possibility to play Public Versus with bots
  • All characters will have a gold and cyber skin in the end

Not coming soon

  • No update on splitscreen (unfortunately, there are others priority)
  • No gear crafting
  • Matchmaking still 5+5 (no 10 than matched)
  • Season 2
  • No new maps for Incursion, Meltdown and Capture

I should mention a few things.

• Galilea has one of the lower health pools for the tank class. With the changes to shield blocking, many of the blocking tanks lost some effective health so we increased Galilea’s to compensate. Her damage has not been adjusted at all but we will be keeping a close watch on Galilea.

Shield Blocking had an issue where rapid fire weapons such as Oscar Mike’s gun would not be accurately accounted for on the shield block meter. So instead of the 1000 damage blocked, shields were blocking around 1500-1600 damage. Now that this has been fixed and shields block the amount they’re supposed to, the characters who relied heavily on shield blocks will feel weaker. We were ok with this on ISIC and Boldur but not Galilea.

• Why are some characters such as Shayne and Aurox labeled as an Attacker despite being tankish? There also other characters who feel more like Attackers who are labeled as Defenders such as Toby and Attikus. Is it only because they have large hit boxes?

This is a bug :slight_smile: We’ll have this fixed in a later patch. (I’m not sure if he was referring to all 3 or just 1 of the characters.)


Did you mean command bug? Cause in my knowledge theres no command rank bug atm

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That was almost definitely meant. If it wasnt, that’s getting fixed too. In any case, other command bugs are lore completion not being included and Pendles registering as an Eldrid for challenges and background

Oh my gosh every detail makes me more hyped or how amazing get his game will become

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I was quite underwhelmed by the lack of specifics. I’ll just have to wait for the patch notes


thank you for posting this, i didnt want to have to sift thru the reddit o.o
fun fact, relevent to the update: the new achievements are up now (at least on steam!)! for the first two dlcs and Kid ultra. im super excited!


Ooh, would you mind posting pics if you can? I’m very interested

Just got off for the evening before jumping on mobile to read the forums, i can cap it in the morning though :slight_smile:

Oh man, I missed my question: will phoebe ever wear pants?


So no mention of Phoebe’s Contingency Plan bug where shield depletion consumes your Phase Gate, while finishing the charge, before you could activate it?

This bug is detrimental to her performance on every mode.

I really pray there are some info on this soon.

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This may be all it is?


5th versus mode more than a year away?
Or is that Januaryish?


Northern hemisphere winter, so Januaryish. It threw me too. :wink:


Kinda off topic I think but one thing I would’ve asked @jythri is if he was at the Alter Bridge concert in San Antonio on the 25th. I could swear I saw him there

Well I read through the entire AMA and I’m surprised nobody asked them about ISIC, I’m really curious to know what they plan on doing with him.

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No news then.

Beat me to it @djillusions :slight_smile: It excites me because it means the second dlc cant be far behind KU, who cant be far behind Dlc1! :slight_smile: So excite!


And then! and then! OMG! the jennerit character! She will kick all the asses!


Nope. Not me. :slight_smile: I’ve been to San Antonio a few times, but not there that often.