Reddit Tourney on Sunday was AMAZING! Must Do Again!

Played in the XB1 Tourney on Sunday and it was a blast. Had something like 21 teams. Every team was good and respectful. We must try to do something like this every weekend. This past weekend was the reddit tournament, but does anyone know of something like this that goes down every weekend?

GG’s to all who played. Congrats to Plumbers for 1st place, Vibe for 2nd place, FRPD for 3rd place and Tom and The Meat Beaters for 4th!


Yea it was a lot of fun!! PC Tournament lasted almost 7 hours (Girlfriend got mad at me), didn’t expect it to be that long but still a lot of fun.

Yeah same for XB1. Lasted very long time and I didn’t expect that many teams to sign up. Gotta try to do it again.

Wish I could’ve joined in!
We hold in-house versus matches on the discord server whenever we feel like it :stuck_out_tongue: im sure if someone took the initiative to set up a schedule that tourneys could be done however/whenever you liked. :slight_smile:

Yeah gonna have to start messing around with Battlefy. Seems like anyone can set up a tourney through there

There needs to be a better way to watch these tournies.

Overwatch tournies are much more enjoyable to watch since there is a dedicated stream/obsever mode.

I tried to watch this tourny and saw a couple rounds but even then I was watching a melee character cower in the corner waiting for level 5 for half the stream.

yeah they mentioned spectator mode coming soon (a month or so) which I think will help a lot

Yup it’s already in the works, I’m excited for it.