Redeem shift codes away from consoles

Du you guys think it would be possible for them to implement or at least useful if we could redeem shift codes from ?

Yeah, I think it’s been mentioned before. It’d be nice for sure. However, this is a BL2/TPS thing, not really the right place to start up a conversation. Cause dis is da BL1 area.

Since BL1 dosnt have this feature, I’ll just scoot this on over to the Pre Sequel general discussion. Unless you’d prefer BL2 gen disc. If so, just say so and I’ll move it there. :smile_cat:

Yea I’ve been spending the last ten minutes trying to move it to the handsome collection or just delete this thread and re start it but I don’t know how. I just hit the borderlands tab thinking it was all borderlands by it was borderlands 1.

Got you moved to the Handsome Collection section.

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the consoles support keyboards now don’t they? I haven’t tried but it may save some time.

Yes they support keyboards but I don’t want want or have one (I could use my phone and smartglass) but I mean I want to redeem shift codes while I’m at school or work or a friends house basically anywhere I have wifi but no Xbox/playstation.

I wish you could do this too, it’s a pain to have to exit and enter each game every time a new code comes out

I’ll throw my hat in for this one as well. I’d love to redeem SHIFT codes while at work, when I can’t get to my Xbox. Also, even with the chatpad for the Xbox, it’s a significant pain to enter those codes.