Redeemables in the SHIFT Repository

I have several redeemables from several sources (loyalty rewards, owning season pass, etc.) and I was wondering if anyone knows if these are redeemable more than once, or if they are a one time thing.

Anything you get from the Shift machine is only redeemable once.

So it would be best to wait till I get a lvl 70 to redeem?

I would wait until 70, yes. Just remember that once you redeem them, that’s it: you can’t dashboard/alt-f4 to try again.

You can redeem the golden keys, skins and heads anytime. The keys will then be available for use by any character. The weapons and shield are the only things you should wait until level 70 to redeem.

Do you know how many moonstone you were awarded?

I redeemed the moonstone and heads and stuff. I was just wondering about the weapons and shield.