Redeemed my first born pack and season pass neither showing up

after i installed the game i entered my codes for the firstborn pack which has the gold skins and i also redeemed my season pass and after i do this neither show up as downloading or finished nor do they show up under game management and i went into the game to see of maybe they were there and not showing but there is nothing and i hope gearbox is aware and fixing this issue as i cant find any info showing there aware of the situation and in case its important i am on the xbox one

Try resetting your system

If resetting does not work enter a support ticket

Yes i am having the same troble and nothing has worked not even 2k and Microsoft i went back to game stop and asked for a refund they said no the code was used as far as i know 2k does not care about their customers

Is anybody still having problems with the missing season pass holder title and firstborn skins? I used my codes on Xbox One Tuesday and still no sign of either. I’ve been back and forth with support since Tuesday and have gotten nowhere.

i am they still have done nothing to help other than basic troubleshooting. i all i want is for them to figure this out so i dont have to worry about it anymore

Hate to say this BUT i’m glad i’m not the only one having this problem as well!!

tried xbox support and they confirmed that i own/ redeemed the preorder code on my account and i still don’t have the golden skins really hope they fix this!

You are not alone. Complain to the better business Bureau, they charged us extra money for stuff we didnt get!

Im having the same problem i bought the deluxe edition and only got the game no dlc showing up. I payed 80 bucks for a 60 dollar game. The game is great but not worth 80 bucks

I sent in a support ticket and within 24 hours I was contacted in regards to the problem they will try to get you to clear your xbox one cache(hard reset)/ removed gamer profile and recovering it when that doesn’t work they will more than likely ask for your battleborn support ID (located in main menu of game/ shift support ID and then finally they will ask for a screenshot of your receipt and a copy of you pre-order code you used to redeem the battleborn first born dlc pack after all that if your lucky like I was they will give you the items you were denied (although this process took 2-3 days I gotta give Gearbox customer support and A+ for solving the issue quickly and professionally ) well hope this info helps you guys out

I am having the same exact issue. Just got done with a 2 hour exhibition with xbox support about this. They did all kinds of stuff to try and help but it ultimately led to this website amd seeing that i am not the only one with this issue

I am having the same issue. Xbox support couldn’t do anything on their end so all fingers are pointing to the developers. This issue needs to be resolved.

Glad I’m not the only one, I preordered the Digital Deluxe Edition on Xbox Store and nothing else shows on my game management, HOWEVER, when I’m at the main menu at the top it does say Digital Deluxe Edition and when I go to the Season Pass on the store it says ‘Manage’ so it does know I own it, also when visiting the Firstborn Pack on the store via it states I purchased it (albeit on the release day even though I preordered) so my guess is the Firstborn pack just doesn’t show as an add on, can anyone confirm a list of the items you actually get? I think they may be just added and not show in Manage Game tile


I know how to fix the problem. You know that market place that no one uses, the one in-game that you can use through command, you can press “Y” that will bring up the redeem code menu screen and redeem it there. It works, well at least for me it did try it. Honestly I just hope this helps because I was pissed when I couldn’t get my skins so good luck.

Also use this code to get 3 free gold skins, people say the code is only useable for a limited time but you can’t trust the internet so just try it.


Remember it’s a SHIFT code. My friends try to redeem it as an Xbox store code.

By the way if you got a digital copy I’m sorry I have no clue on how to fix that.