Redeeming preorder rewards BL3

I am having trouble figuring out how to redeem my preorder rewards through the VIP website. They say “skip to step 2” if you have already preordered, but there is no link to step 2. When looking at the preorder page, they give you options for preordering through retailers and the Microsoft store (which I have already done) but my account for the VIP site does not recognize my existing preorder through the Microsoft store.

TL;DR VIP website won’t let me claim rewards or do survey even though I have BL3 preordered.

Anyone else having these problems?

EDIT: I have just now seen the other thread addressing these issues. If you are here looking for answers to this problem, try using a different web browser than Chrome or a web browser with fewer ad-block plug ins.

Step 2 is completeng the survey in activities page. And dont forget to link your account with Epic/PSN/XBL etc.

I have tried going to the activities page as well and I don’t get a link there either. My XBL account is linked but does that affect it? I pre-ordered through Gamestop but I’ve used a couple of different browsers and can’t get the survey link to come up.

I want these pre-order bonuses! Please help!