Redeeming shift codes on their website

I entered shift codes on the borderlands website after it was announced we can redeem codes there. I put them in and I did not receive any in game. I logged on to the game after entering them. Is there a waiting period for recieving the keys?

Not normally, no. It’s probably a good idea to not have the game running when you redeem codes on the web site, as the game only synchronizes with SHIFT when you launch it.

First thing to check is that they’re showing up in-game in the SHIFT rewards tab. If they’re not there after entering codes on the web site, it could be an account link or mismatch issue.

If the keys show up as redeemed in both the in-game and on-line SHIFT rewards tabs, you’ll need to file a support ticket

I wasn’t on the game when I did it. When I logged in I got the notification for new rewards. I did not receive them though.

I’ll fill out a support ticket then. Thank you.