Redeeming shift codes on website, no mails with keys in game

As per title, I have redeemed a lot of codes but lately (since about a month ago) mails in the social section of the game stopped showing up… My account is linked and all.
I gave up on redeeming codes but now I’d like to resolve the issue.

You’ll need to file a support ticket - make sure you indicate the game issue as “SHiFT” on the form.

Before you send that ticket in, you might also want to compare your rewards history at with your in-game history to see if they agree or disagree on the number and type of redemptions.

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Did not know there was one, under the shift section there is a login menu that tells me I have already linked an account…

I may be mistaken with BL3 - I honestly haven’t poked around in the various menus that much - but it was certainly possible to see it in BL2, TPS, and the BL1 Remaster. Anything under Extras or Social?

it is under social. i’m able to see it.

I unlinked my account within the browser and connected in game and it started working, in game history and all. Thanks for the heads up!