Redistributer with Sntl Cryo!?

If anyone can help me out and throw some lvl 57 redistributers with stnl cryo my way im on Xbox GT ibSKINNY4 had 0 luck during the event getting any with that anoint

I’ve got cryo redistributior w cryo sntl if u still need it

That would actually be great. Been just trying to get one to drop all week with no luck. Add me on Xbox if you don’t mind, GT ibSKINNY4

Sure no problem I’ll send it over soon as I can

Jumping on now buddy

Sent enjoy

You are awesome, thank you! Anything you’ve been looking for? Can see if I have it or can keep an eye out for it

No worries .Any decent stuff w 100ase,spiritual driver or the new amara class mod as I’ve just levelled her up to 57 :slight_smile:

Okay cool I got the spiritual driver I can send you and will send some 100ase anointed as well

Wow cheers buddy very kind. Is there any else your after? I got quite a few phaseslam,phasecast, rakk attack stuff,zane class mods and flak class mods :blush:

Just sent you a spiritual driver, didn’t have a 57 so farmed one up for you. Not sure the specific perks you were wanting


Nice one thank you, there wasn’t really specific perks I was looking for,for now :+1::blush: