Redistribution skill not working

Anyone else having this bug after the hotfixes? When I get a critical hit with my pistol I should get a round back unless it’s the free shot, well I’m not getting my bullet regeneration.

I never ecountered the issue, or heard of it at all. Are you sure you are not at max ammo and you can’t therefore regen ammo?
Could you manage to record the issue?

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I’ve heard of it but can’t offer you a resolution, apologies. Moze seems to be a little broken at the moment. Means of Destruction is also very wonky in terms of working consistently as well. Hopefully this will be corrected or at least addressed in the next hot mess, oops, I meant hotfix…

Your magazine + ammo reserve are maxed out


Duk is correct

Correction of my post. The redistribution skill isn’t working for pistols. It works fine for assault rifles for some reason as I found out via a critical hit during slaughterstar 3000. So my bad

There have been no reported issues for as long as I can remember with Redistribution itself. The problem lies in that your backpack is full and you can’t go above the max ammo count therefore you cannot regen more into your mag. If you are legitimately having a problem aside from that it would be unique and you should record it.


As I wrote already, it’s likely that you are at max capacity for that type of ammo. As Kab proposed, record the issue if you think that this is not the case