Redistributor and Kyb's Worth drop rates extremely low?

So with this event i can farm M4 Takedown. I was excited to finally be able to farm some Redistributors and Kyb’s for my Zane and Moze but I have seen only 1 drop in 30+ runs now and quite frequently the Val squad does not drop a single one(6-7 times out of 10) and when stuff does drop it’s the same stupid Version 0.m shield every time. Are the drop rates really this crappy or is rng just screwing me over?


Drop rates are super rough in Takedown.

I’ve been running it since it came out and still had to trade for a Kybs and have yet to find a single Redistributor.

I run it at least once a day, sometimes twice …

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do a lower mayhem leve, the lower it is the higher chance you have, mayhem level inc. world drop chance only, and yes maliwan is stupid low for dedicated drops. iv clear around 90+ and only sen about 10 redistributors, 1 anointed. so in all very bad, for the length of the raid needs atleast 2-4 dedicated drops per run = to number of players atleast, as there are about 10-15 he can drop.


It’s really poor drop rates for raid drops.

I’ve run it about 50 times now both solo and in groups on TVMH M4, and I’ve found exactly 1 redistributor and 1 kybs worth. Thats it.

Plenty of (non) anointed frozen snowshoes, and a few tiggs booms and that’s it.

I got 2 from about 8 runs? 1st or 2nd run on M3, started M4 on the 4th run and i believe I got another on the 7th run.

I gave up trying to get a good Kybs, Ive been farming for a x2 damage Westergun with splash damage anointment on Moze instead.

Try running on M1-M2, loot pool isn’t as diluted. (some will argue otherwise) but I got 1 ASE Kybs, SNTL kybs, and rakk kybs yesterday on a 2 hour bout (about 10 runs). Also got 2 anointed snow shoes and 1 anointed 0.m, and a couple of tiggs non anointed. You don’t get nearly as many world drops but this is dedicated farming here! (and yes I can run on M4 but the drops don’t seem to show, been testing this theory since event start)

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I’ve run the raid probably 200 times now and have only found about 10 of each. Mostly non-anointed


Always destroy the legs. It’s super super important. Also, yes the rate is kinda low, but if you’re farming him, you should see the kybs and such.

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I’ve gotten the Redistributor and Kyb’s a few times and a bunch of Tiggs booms. I dropped down to M3 and roll for strong for me modifiers so I can break Wotan’s legs easier. I don’t kill the top but suicide or let myself get killed so I don’t have to do the whole Takedown over. I have corrosive Kyb’s and it has trouble breaking the legs where my x2 Ogre does a much better job.

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I’ve been rolling the takedown on M3 also, but always have a tough time popping those legs. Have been trying with corro cutsman and dictator with varying luck. I may give my ogre a chance to see if I have better luck with that. I’ve heard the ION cannon is good to use also.

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If your looking for a good spash damage gun the Ion Laser is a really good SMG while waiting to get a Kyb’s. I use that one on my Moze.

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@Felix ya i always break the legs. It rains loot but just world drops. I might have to try the M1 suggestion to keep the loot pool less diluted.

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@renfried I use a Cutsman for boss damage and breaking legs. At right distance it breaks all 4 pretty easy with my gear+build.


When you say break the legs, do u literally mean destroy the legs or are you guys saying destroy the bottom half of Wotan that jumps around and shoots the balls out? Because i make sure i destroy the bottom half and then go after the flying top half.
First time i ran the raid after the event started i got an annointed Kybs worth in radiation and shock for Moze with her 160% splash damage on it. Which i was super excited for until i realized the elements on it were way too similar and neutral. Since that run, ive gotten a DP Juliets Dazzle with 160% splash damage annoitment and a bunch of unannointed tiggs boons, version 1.Ms, frozen snowshoes, red cord rechargers and a bunch of world drops.

This, after bottom half is dead.

Wait, what?!?
So after killing the bottom half, i need to continue shooting at…the legs? I see the brain running around and i shoot that, but I’ve never seen legs lying around. Can i get further clarification on this please. Thanx

Use a corrosive cutsman, it should take care of all legs and brain

After the bottom half dies you can do unseen damage and destroy the legs before they despawn. You only have about 11 seconds or less to do this and on M4 they have about 100k HP each.

Yeah, i use a corrosive cutsman on the bottom half on every character.
How do i know if i got the legs or not when killing the bottom half?