Redistributor (Any Kind)

Looking for ANY redistributor… Don’t care about anointment on anything. Will trade a 621 Fire Lyuda with 50% increased fire on ASE or anything I have in my vault. I have a full fault of pretty much every artifact and class mod. I just haven’t been able to get a group to go through the Takedown with and I haven’t been able to solo it.

Gt- PulmonaryRex

Hello, I have a corrosive with the consecutive hits annointment and a radiation without annointment. I’m looking for corrosive and incendiary cutsmans with while sntl active do cryo dmg, as well as while gamma burst is active to dmg and either 100% on ase or 125% to boss or badass.

I have a non-elemental cutsman with 125% bonus damage to named or badass enemies ASE. Would that work?

Hey sorry man I didn’t see your msg. Are you sure it’s a non elemental cutsman?

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I was wrong… it is indeed an electric elemental cutsman.

Got an atom balm relic with +1666 to shield? If so I got redistributiors

Yea that works if you still need it my gt is Ye olde wolf