Redistributor, CoL, lots of questions

So Cloud of Lead causes the game to count the shot as amped, and to chain as if it were the 7th shot. So I have questions:

1.) How does this interact with +125% incendiary annointment? Since this annointment basically makes a second bullet, does it ricochet as well? Or only affects the primary target?

2.) Does this make the Brainstormer more likely to chain? Like, does it have a similar interaction?

3.) Given that the amped shots can proc Short Fuse, would increasing gun damage via DM or class mods significantly affect Short Fuse damage? Or is Blast Master going to be king here still?

3a.) Does the amped shot damage increase also increase Short Fuse damage on the secondary target?

Probably will have more questions eventually, but should be enough for now…

Hyperion guns do not spawn additional projectiles. As far as I can tell, the only guns that spawn additional projectiles are the Carrier, the Recursion, and the Rowan’s/Lucian’s/King’s/Queen’s Call.

The Redistributor treats your CoL bullet as ‘amped’ for chaining purposes, but it does not receive amped damage like the 7th bullet.

  1. The +125% incendiary damage is added on top of the bonus incendiary damage you deal from CoL. They are not treated like separate instances of damage for ricochet purposes.

  2. As far as I can tell, the Brainstormer always chains when enemies are within range of its effect.

  3. Short Fuse is based off of weapon damage, so anything you can do to boost it is a net positive. That said, it only procs 20% of the time, so I wouldn’t use a Blast Master with a Redistributor.

3a) Yes, the 7th bullet has increased base damage, which is included in the SF damage calculation.

Well… I tried out a Bloodletter/Deathless build with Redistributors just a bit ago.

Was able to complete SS TVHM M4 easily enough.

Consecutive Hit annointment was far more effective than the 125% incendiary. Just got to remember to throw a grenade first, to keep up DoTs, while you reload.

SF was effective with 1 FitSD to maintain DoTs, with the chain/ amp shots proccing SF (therefore FitSD) as well.

Ergo, the lack of amp damage on the CoL shots was fine, since they were still proccing SF and FitSD.

By far the most effective BL/Deathless build I’ve tried so far. If my com had +smg, it would have been even better, I reckon.

Definitely requires fine tuning, but was nearing my most recent Blast Master builds in effectiveness. There’s a puzzle piece I’m missing to make it really come together…

What build did you run with this? I’m guessing SF down to redistribution and DM?

I’ve not checked, I suspect the interaction is borked enough that it will creat 3 overlapping chains.

CoL is weird so no, but in general yes amp on the shot increase damage across the whole chain.

CoL is a bonus element therefore it does increase Brainstormers chance.

I’ll have to test this interaction specifically, but just because damage numbers are combined doesn’t imply that the damage instances were handled in one go.

It’s a weird chance based mechanic. If I were to guess each pellet has about a 30-40% chance to chain. The Brainstormer just fires enough shots pellets that you pretty much always get 1 chain. From testing I know it’s definitely not as simplistic as x projectiles hitting implies y chains.


I seemed to have better runs with Consecutive Hit annointment over the incendiary annointment, but that is largely anecdotal, given I only did 4 SS runs, 2 of each, and neglected to write down the modifiers. Bleh. Bad testing on my part. I blame the drinks.

I’ve not mathed it to confirm but even with the extra chain from 125% fire I believe the 200% consecutive hits is more damage against non flesh and still near equal if not slightly more damaging against flesh. Consecutive hits when near max is a very powerful anoint. Bonus elements are an easy route to more damage on the Redis but they’re not the only effective route.

It certainly does seem that way. Running a 6/3 Desperate Measures also seems to help quite a bit. Running Short Fuse and 1 point in FitSD for damage ticks and MoD procs. Just enough Bottomless Mags to get Redistribution, and enough SoR to get 6/3 DM, 2 in Phalanx Doctrine from the mod.

I dislike the lack of healthgating, but it might be the most effective Deathless build I have run so far. Admittedly, I usually run a largely meta Blast Master build.

Hurdy mentioned this but with a double downer shield no health gate might be less of an issue if you don’t mind going down in the first place. With certain pieces of gear (WI, Ion Cannon) it’s super easy to get back up. Only problem is during boss fights like wotan when there are no ads.

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I’ve thought about it, but don’t have one currently. Using the BBB at the moment.